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do, they can keep me happy, and the laughter suddenly overflows the entire park. Every afternoon, I went to the flower beds at the corner of the park with my friends to observe the "big move" of the little ants. They used their weak bodies to pick up foods several times larger than themselves, and we were amazed! But this also inevitably we have a mischief. We will extend the "magic catch" to the ants in the neat team for no reason, and suddenly they will disrupt their neat formation. But soon, it will return to the original neat formation, just like nothing happened before, we will repeat the previous movements once and for all, and enjoy it. Or sprinkle water around them Parliament Cigarettes, blocking their way, after all, they still fled our "magic catch" when the neighbors took his cute puppy for a walk every day. Unconsciously, I became the closest companion to it, and I will leave it with good food. But one day, I saw an obvious wound on his leg. The first reaction was: it was injured! When I didn't say anything Wholesale Cigarettes, I ran home to get anti-inflammatory potions, but my mother said that the anti-inflammatory potion was running out. I was in a hurry, but my mother refused to buy it. I thought, I had to wait a few days before I made plans. After I came to see it, its wounds healed. The neighbor told me that the puppy has its own healing function. The magic weapon for healing is its tongue, and its tongue can be sterilized. I suddenly realized that I understood something I didn't know. The childhood time is fleeting. When memories become old photos in our hearts, we become passers-by walking back to back, going in different directions, going to the other end of the road and going to maturity. The rest, only memories, and those happy days, happy days, in my memory, there are many, many things, but the one that left me the deepest impression, but only one, it is the article Topic - that happy day. During those days, I have done many "bad things" that "destroy oneself or benefit others." Put a piece of paper on the door, as long as you open the door will scare you a big jump; use tomatoes to throw on white paper; fold small ads into paper planes to throw downstairs and so on. Among the bad things I have done, there is only one thing, which left me with the deepest impression. That thing is like this. On that day, I had a whimsy. I sent the school to each of our class for a laboratory syringe. I put it in the pool and filled it with water. Then I ran to the window and pushed the water out of the syringe. Then I squatted and used it. The periscope that has been put on the side and rubbed in the interest class has observed the situation downstairs. I never thought that my father happened to pass through here and saw the water on the ground. I guessed that 80% was the "good thing" for me. I saw it here and panicked immediately. After I took the syringe back to my bag, I immediately put the periscope back in the cupboard, and let my father think that this was not what I did. It doesn't matter to me. However, after I did not use my father to return, I did not follow my expectations and called me to his bedroom to criticize me. Instead, I taught me very eloquently and told me that it was wrong to do so. Think about it, if I am a pedestrian downstairs, what do I think about it, how to think about it. After listening to my father��s words, I quickly realized my mistake, actively acknowledged the mistake, and explained that I will not do this again from now on. After that, I feel that I have grown up. I think I am sensible. I was very impressed by what I knew as "doing nothing to do with others. I don't know what to use to describe it. I can only use the two words to make the title "happy" very reluctantly. This time is not a general understanding of the word, but another kind of happiness Cheap Cigarettes.
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