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about problems together. Antworten

The ancients said: "Le Mo Le �� new acquaintance." Stepping into the origami era of middle school means another new starting point. At the same time, I also met a lot of new teachers, new students, and of course, as an "old class" - Teacher Zhou, I know that the harshness in your eyes is not born, but a class teacher must have prestige. However, when we have any difficulties or need help, we always teach lovingly, let us exercise our ability in the absence of a line, and once gave me a deep lesson. It was a math class. You made a few questions for us to calculate on the blackboard. I don't know if I was nervous or didn't see the problem. I even made a mistake at the lowest level - I copied the question wrong. As a result, the answer is not correct. When other students pointed out the mistakes in unison, there was a sigh of atmosphere in the classroom. At the same time, I felt that I wanted to find a place to sneak. I originally thought that you would criticize me severely. Unexpectedly, in addition to letting me re-do this question, I even said with joy: "The carelessness is something everyone will have, but as long as they persist in overcoming it, mathematics must You can learn well Cigarettes For Sale." You know, a teacher who cares for his own students and encourages and encourages students with a simple sentence. This is a normal thing; but for me, it gives me a great heart. The support also gives me greater confidence in learning mathematics in the future. Acquaintance is a strong glass of wine, giving people a rich taste. Acquaintance is a fragrant green tea that gives a light taste. Acquaintance is a pen. In the rush of time, write down the most memorable moments of you and me. Chapter 2: The moment of acquaintance is just a moment, I became a good friend with her. It was a hot summer and we were arguing about a math topic. Although we don't know each other, our common discourse is really a lot. The discussion was fierce and our opinions were different. Although we debated a lesson, we still couldn't get results. We don't know how to decide who is right or wrong, we are going to ask the teacher. We asked the teacher respectfully and told the teacher the answer to our ideas. The teacher explained to us and finally learned that the girl's thinking was correct Newport 100S. That girl? She is a beautiful girl. She has a pair of bright eyes, the size of a grape. She also has a long hair, very smooth. Her name was really difficult for me to understand at the time, but her smart mind turned very fast. Her grades are among the best in our class. She is a red man at the teacher's side! The teacher often praises her as a good assistant, a good student, and a good class. She has many similarities with me. At that time, the teacher made a question for us to think, and we became good friends. We always hate to be late, always thinking about problems together. Our common language has many of the same places Cheap Cigarettes, and even we all share a common hobby - playing table tennis. I think this is a poem in my heart: encounter is a fate, no matter how good or bad, it is destined by heaven; It is a kind of happiness, no matter what the result is important is the process; the question is an unknown, whether you know it or not, it is a kind of education; compared to a kind of happiness, no matter whether it is a source of motivation; the intersection is an accident, Happy fate does not know that happiness comes from one place; encounter, talk, ask, compare, and pay, this is not only a kind of fate but also a kind of happiness. Third: If you know each other, you will know each other, just an instant. Then I hope that this mo
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