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21.04.2020 09:42
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In life, there are always people who pay for our safety and life. They struggle in obscurity at work to make our life colorful. A sudden SARS war without smoke caused many cute white angels to fight bravely towards the front line of the fight against SARS. They risk their lives, have no complaints and no regrets, and sacrifice for the benefit of the people. They are the cutest people in this terrible war. "SARS", a terrible word, spreads all over the world at a galloping speed. Thousands of people have been infected by the ruthless virus. At this very moment, our country is filled with white warriors who are full of love. Dangerous life, put on isolation suits, close contact with patients. Taking care of and loving them has made thousands of patients regain their confidence and hope for rebirth. It is them, the cutest people in this battle; the monument in our minds, saving lives and helping the wounded, pulling countless patients back from the death line, they silently dedicated all of themselves. Do you know what a touching story lies behind that smile? Do n��t they know that the rate of SARS infection among medical staff is 25%? Obviously not, however, at this juncture of life and death, they put the interests of the people In the first place, how selfless is the spirit of abandoning life and devoting yourself to career! Among them, some of the faces are slightly childish; some are near retirement; some are the mothers of high school children! Do you know? How much did they pay for it! How intriguing the unknown stories are-this childish doctor is only the mother of a two-month-old child! In this extraordinary period, she resolutely weaned her child, Do not hesitate to go to the front line against SARS, and admitted to the hospital! Let's capture another set of shots-the mother of the third-year senior also joined the "anti-Africa" ??team, his child is about to Faced with the choice to decide one's life, how much did the child look forward to having an affable mother sitting next to him, helping him walk through this single-story bridge of life! However, she did not do so in both Optional front, she went to the first-line anti- "SARS" Wholesale Cigarettes. She understands that sacrificing herself is to make more people happy. It ��s worth doing so! Countless medical soldiers ca n��t return home Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and their relatives ca n��t see it. Is n��t this the manifestation of the Communist Party ��s selfless selflessness? A huge wave beats my heartstrings. Their tall image is like a majestic monument, standing in my heart! Sima Qian said: "There is a death Marlboro Cigarettes, so he is heavier than Mount Tai or lighter than Hongmao." Mao The chairman said: "It is heavier than Taishan to die for the benefit of people." Our lovely and respectable white soldiers who sacrificed to fight against SARS are heavier than Taishan. Let us pay a deep tribute to them. Selfless white soldiers, let us see more truth, goodness and beauty in life. Lovely white soldiers, a monument in my mind
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