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Living on the moat Antworten

Living on the moat, this is one of the most beautiful and proud places in Xiangyang. It ��s just like ��If you enter the room of Zhilan, I do n��t smell it for a long time��, I do n��t have much time to appreciate it, just on the way to work hurriedly, I ��m sorry: It ��s beautiful, I have time to come and see my home and work Not far Cheap Cigarettes. Within 30 minutes of walking and 10 minutes of cycling, the car will not say anything Marlboro Cigarettes, it depends on whether it is blocked. It ��s raining today, get ready early, go out early, hold an umbrella, and slowly walk along the moat to work. The fine rain, the lines fall straight to the ground, merge into a stream, flow quietly. The rain fell on the stream and jumped up the cheerful waves. The squeaking of shoes on the road and the snoring of rain on the umbrella are the rhythm of spring rain dancing. The willow in front of him drank water greedily and stretched his limbs comfortably. His vigorous life was exuberant and the greenness could not be condensed; all kinds of plants and trees seemed to be growing in competition with willows. You can feel that they are vying Ground-breaking eagerness and excitement. The wide moat looked at all this quietly, carrying its fine spring rain with its body, leaving Yingying with a smile, deep and forgiving like a gentleman. The distant Danshan is looming in the clouds, like a beautiful ink painting. This is the spring, the spring on the moat, so beautiful that people just want to indulge in the spring that never woke up again, but unfortunately I have often missed it. A sycamore flower is blooming enthusiastically, and the crystal-like purple flowers are swaggering in the rain. The spring breeze does not let it blow away with the wind and rain, but it nourishes its beauty. Indus is a respectable tree species, and it is said that it is the only place where Phoenix stops Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Does that ancient and sacred ancient bird love the sea of ??flowers? As a child, there was also a huge sycamore tree in front of the village, which was a good place for the villagers to cool in summer. In the layers of green leaves, I always think about when the Phoenix will come. In the courtyard of the farmhouse in spring, there may suddenly be a thin but very strong seedling of the sycamore tree. The villagers said that this house must be a "noble girl". True or false cannot be tested, however, in the age of patriarchy, girls were happy. I am nostalgic for the time when the sycamore flowers will fall. A few girls picked up the sycamore flowers under the sycamore tree. We called it "jewel flower", took off the flower buds, and strung the trumpet-shaped flowers with a thin rope. Hanging on the neck and wrist, although it is the cheapest decoration, it has the feeling of a princess wearing a gem. It is a simple and simple joy and confidence. For more than 30 years, that feeling is still there, but the little friends who picked up the flowers with me, do they remember the cherry blossoms are going to die? The red tender leaves have grown, and large clusters of cherry blossoms are still on the branches, and the ground is already colorful. I can't bear to step on it, but I know that this is the inevitable destination. "Falling red is not a ruthless thing, and it turns into spring mud to protect the flowers." For thousands of years, numerous literati Moker once praised the beautiful life of flowers, but do not remember anyone who made more comments about the destination of flowers. The only person who carried flowers to bury the flowers was Daiyu. But, Sister Lin, how could your flower mound be tolerant of the falling flowers all over the land? Are you too crazy and stupid? Daiyu didn't care. The flowers in front of her were carefully collected and packed into small bags and buried in the mound. This was her choice. Perhaps, she was buried not with falling flowers, but with a soul and an attitude of life, just like the sentence she groaned by the cold pond: "Leng Yue buried the flower soul." With a different Daiyu, Daiyu who always walks alive in our spiritual world walks on flowers every day. Unfortunately, it ��s too late to take a closer look at this spring scenery. What kind of life attitude is coming and going? ? Hurry, because it was too late to see on TV yesterday; it was because the cards were not willing to leave; it was because they rushed to a dinner or even a few dinners; How long haven't you thought about your ideal beliefs? How long haven't you talked to your friends? How long haven't you read a book in meditation? How long haven't I looked closely at the scenery before me? The scenery on the road to life is everywhere, but I just missed today for the idleness and lived up to tomorrow. Spring is still good next year, but we are old again. Every day that day goes by, I miss the scenery of this life. Please cherish the sight of the rain, the flowers, the spring, the flowers to retain the fragrance, the spring to the scenery, the people to show affection, the scenery of this life is not a waste of life.
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