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SEATTLE -- This city is home to grunge rock gods, tech billionaires and a ubiquitous retail giant. Downtown, a King holds court in the summer and a recent Super Bowl champion dominates sports-talk radio in the fall.Surrounded by mountains and water, there is plenty to do in and around the Emerald City, and it does not rain quite as much as its reputation suggests.For Washingtons Chris Petersen, college footballs most unassuming star coach, Seattle is the perfect place to build a powerhouse program on a foundation of well-ordered priorities.While Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh and Dabo Swinney could stop traffic in their towns, Petersen can spend a day at the mall or a night out with his wife without drawing so much as a Good luck, coach here.I dont think Chris Petersen minds at all. Other college coaches probably would. I think it fits right to the nature and personality of Petersen that he doesnt have to be the center of attention, said former Washington quarterback and Seattle radio host Brock Huard.Of course, it is only year three for Petersen at U-Dub. If the sixth-ranked Huskies (10-1, 7-1 Pac-12) keep playing as they have this season, Petersen might reach the celebrity status in Seattle currently held by Mariners Cy Young Award winner King Felix Hernandez, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, or Wilsons coach, Pete Carroll -- whether he likes it or not. (He will not).Washington is two victories away from its first Pac-12 championship since 2000 and maybe a spot in the College Football Playoff. Not since Don James was regularly taking the Huskies to Rose Bowls from 1975-92 have Washington fans felt so comfortable with their coach.Petersen, 52, has a runners wiry frame, a just-right wave in his salt-and-pepper hair that would make an anchorman jealous and an aw-shucks demeanor. He loves the water and his office view of Lake Washington and Mount Rainier. He comes across as an effortlessly cool dad.The son of a high school and junior college football coach from Northern California, Petersen did not want to follow in his father Rons footsteps growing up in Yuba City.I would go to his games and I think I would care more about winning and losing more than half the players that I saw on the sidelines, Petersen said recently in his office. And I would tell my Mom, like, there is no way I would coach and let 18 year olds control my happiness.To this day shes like, `Dont complain to me. You knew what you were getting yourself into.Petersen played quarterback at Division II UC Davis, undersized but fast. He was a star at a place where the team shared its locker room with students and faculty.I think theres certainly no sense of entitlement coming out of somewhere like that, Petersen said. We didnt have anything. We had pads and football gear. We didnt have any sweats or shirts or any of that stuff. I think we bought our own cleats.Petersen worked his way up the career ladder carefully and somewhat reluctantly to become head coach at Boise State.Every job Ive taken Ive not wanted to go, but just felt like I need to do this, he said.Petersen helped turn the Broncos into the standard by which all college football overachievers are judged. Boise State went 92-12 in eight seasons under Petersen, winning two Fiesta Bowls and frequently forcing itself into the national championship discussion.No matter how many giants the Broncos slayed, no matter how much attention and praise was heaped on them, Petersen never allowed them to feel as if they had made it. He used a cramped room under Broncos Stadium to get his message across, dispatching players and coaches there for positional meetings and film study.Very much like a dungeon. No heat. Cold. Youd have to roll your TV and your VCR in and out of there, said Montana State coach Jeff Choate, who worked for Petersen for eight years at Boise and Washington. And the point was that youve got to remember where you came from and youve got to have that humble and hungry attitude.Petersen could have left Boise State sooner. Stanford and others came after him.I had left Boise State because I didnt think Chris was ever going to, said Choate, who rejoined Petersen in Seattle in 2014.When Southern California fired Lane Kiffin, USC made a run at Petersen. For reasons that are obvious to anyone who knows him, Petersen passed on the glitz of Los Angeles. USC then hired former Trojans assistant Steve Sarkisian away from Washington. That was the job that made sense to Petersen, and in some ways it has worked out even better than he thought it would.Hands down the thing that I completely underestimated that has been the biggest surprise, the most pleasant surprise of me coming over here is I just blend in, Petersen said. I didnt blend in at all in Boise. Its small. Here its so big. Theres pro sports. Theres everything else. Theres people that dont even know about sports. I appreciate that and I like that.In Seattle, he found a program Sarkisian had revived from its darkest days, including an 0-12 season in 2008. The challenge for Petersen was to move Washington from pretty good back to the top of the Pac-12.The first thing that had to change was the way the players interacted with each other.Theres a saying he says that I like, senior offensive tackle Jake Eldrenkamp said. Its not just about respecting your teammate. A lot of people say you dont have to like him you just have to respect him. But with Coach Pete its youve got to respect him and youve got to like the guy.Petersen and his staff shuffled lockers and meeting seats to move players away from their friends and position groups. Players had to learn the hometowns and high schools of their teammates. The names of siblings and parents.The next step was bringing in more of what became known at Boise State under Petersen as OKGs: Our Kind of Guys. Petersen wants players who live for football, but understand there is more to life.Seventy-five percent of the time hes talking to the team its about your character. What type of person you should be, you want to be, and just doing the right thing all times, linebacker Keishawn Bierria said. Life outside football. Thats really what he talks about.There is much to life outside of football in this part of the Pacific Northwest. Amazon is headquartered in Seattle. Microsoft is in nearby Redmond. Bill Gates lives here and his Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, owns the Seahawks. Seattles music scene produced Pearl Jam and Nirvana and it is the city that gave the world Starbucks.Petersen can tap into all of what Seattle and the University of Washington provides to mold his OKGs. And when things dont go so well for the Huskies on Saturday, he can always change the subject.How `bout those Seahawks? Im taking all questions about `em, Petersen began his first Monday media availability of the year that followed a loss .It worked for about a minute, but if there is one coach of a top-10 team who could blend in at his own news conference, its Petersen.---More AP college football: and .---Follow AP College Football Writer Ralph D. Russo on Twitter at .Custom Cardinals Jerseys . -- Gus Malzahn finally had his day in Fayetteville. Authentic Custom Cardinals Jersey . Numbers Game looks into the Canadiens securing the services of Thomas Vanek in a trade with the New York Islanders. The Canadiens Get: LW Thomas Vanek and a conditional fifth-round pick. . -- If Henry Burris has his way, he will be the starting quarterback to lead the Hamilton Tiger-Cats back to the Grey Cup next year. Custom Cardinals T-shirts . Louis Blues teammates who would also be participating in the Olympics, Alex Pietrangelo felt right at home, no different in some ways to the travel experience of any old road trip – save for the length of the journey, that is. Custom Ozzie Smith Jersey . Francis told several hundred members of the European Olympic Committees that when sport "is considered only in economic terms and consequently for victory at every cost .The Bottom 10 inspirational thought of the week:Nah, I dont ever take the Novocaine. Why? Because if you stop every pain with some kind of drug or something, youll never learn any lessons. Yeah, the dentist cringes every time he puts that drill to me, but I just tell him, go ahead, man. I know its gonna hurt. Maybe this will teach me to take better care of my teeth.-- Richard PettyHow do you want to lose? Because, guess what, youre going to. Everyone is. Every winning streak ends. Every team, no matter how storied, has a number larger than zero in the all-time L column of its media guide.So, since losing is inevitable, how do you prefer your poison? Would you rather know it was over quickly, even if it means enduring four quarters of anguish? You know, like Cumberland losing to Georgia Tech 222-0, the most lopsided loss in college football history that just so happened to mark its 100th anniversary this past Friday? Or like Rutgers, who won the first-ever college football game nearly a century a half ago, but on Saturday suffered the most lopsided beatdown of the current millennium, falling 78-0 to Michigan?Or would rather your defeats be delivered guillotine style, with as much pain as can possibly be crammed into the tiniest fraction of the clock? Im talking about a blocked extra point at Miami, a double-overtime interception tossed by Tennessee, or, if youre really into pain, Sundays finish at Florida Atlantic University.Which way is best? Which way paves the smoothest road to a stronger mind, body and will? Here at Bottom 10 headquarters, located in the factory where Marty Smiths hair products are packaged, we keep a sports psychologist on staff to help our members deal with such issues. Unfortunately, shes a Rutgers graduate and has refused to leave the ladies room since Saturday evening. The last we could make out, she just kept muttering Jabrill ... Peppers ... good ... over and over.With apologies to Coleman Griffith and Steve Harvey, heres this weeks Bottom 10.1. FA(not I)U (1-5)To recap: Over the past two weeks the Owls have lost the Shula Bowl to FI(not A)U, who were the previously top-ranked Bottom 10 team. Then they had their hometown sacked by a hurricane. Then they lost the rescheduled Sunday game to the Charlotte 2-and-4ers, who were the previously third-ranked Bottom 10 team. Aand oh yeah, they also lost it the way that they lost it.2. Rice (0-5)The Other Owls fell to the Fightin Byes of Open Date U. after a controversial targeting call. This weekend they welcome in R-O-C-K in the UTSA for Pillow Fight of the Week of the Year 5. Its actually PFOWY6 because last week we told you that PFWOY5, between My Hammy of Ohio and the State of Kent, was going to be played last week, but it actually wont be played until this week. Sorry, we tend to get a little overexcited thinking about PFOWYs..dddddddddddd3. My Hammy Of Ohio (0-6)One week ago our Bottom 10 Selection Committee struggled with whether to go with My Hammy or State of Kent. The fight became so intense that committee member Jerry Glanville threw a box of NASCAR spark plugs at Watson Brown. But this week was no contest. Hammy lost to Akron, whod already beaten Kent the week before, while Kent defeated Buffalo. And so it was that on Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016, a football victory over Buffalo was a huge deal.4. San José State?(1-5)The Spartans handed Hawaii its first road win in 10 games and first conference victory in four years, this on the same day that Stanford lost to Washington State and Cal lost to lost Oregon State. In related news, tours to Alcatraz have been temporarily suspended. Sources tell me that the D-Block has been taken over by a bear, a tree and a Spartan begging to remain locked away until the start of spring practice.5. LSU?and Florida (0-0)Dear rich gray-haired dudes in the nice suits. If my family can come to a decision every weekend over what topping to put on a shared pizza then you guys can certainly figure out how to reschedule a football game.6. I-Ow!-A State (1-5)The Clones blew a double-digit fourth-quarter lead in a Big 12 contest for the second consecutive week, outscored 17-0 in the final quarter in both games. See: the intro to this weeks poll.7. UMess (1-5)The Massachusetts Minutemen fell to the Old Dominion Monarchs, a school named to honor Englands Charles II, in the annual Kings Revenge For The Loss At The Old North Bridge Classic.8. Fres-no State (1-5)The saying in Bulldog Country used to be that they would play anybody, anytime, anywhere. Thats still true. This year they just probably arent going to beat them once they get to whomever whenever wherever.9. Kansas Nayhawks (1-4)Kansas missed a would-be game-winning 54-yard field goal attempt that fell short. On Monday, head coach David Beaty said hed received calls from KU supporters saying the team deserved to win but said, We dont get to play close. ... Thats not what the goal is. Note to Kansas kickers: Until youve earned it, please miss by more.10. ULM (1-4)Speaking of kicks, you have to feel for UL(not another L)M. Anytime you lose a game via a last-second field goal it stings. But just imagine how difficult it will be for Louisiana-Monroe fans for the next 12 months. Everywhere they go theyll have to endure all that smack talk from their Idaho neighbors.Waiting list: Buffalo Bulls not Bills (1-4), NI-Whew (1-5), Ill-noise (1-4), UTEP (1-5), Marshall (1-4), Bowling Green (1-5), Georgia State Not Southern (1-4), Arkansas State (1-4), In a Rut-gers (2-4), flattening Penn State kickers, playing in hurricanes. ' ' '

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