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powerful statement.Unity in nudity? Perha Antworten

This post contains spoilers.Ginny Bakers (Kylie Bunbury) nude photos leaked -- and that misfortune was supposed to be the central plot in episode 7 of Pitch. However, it ended up being more about catcher Mike Lawsons (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) backstory.?Ill come back to Ginny and her nude photos, but lets talk about Mike first. Apparently he had a rough childhood. He grew up with a single mother -- who may or may not have been a con artist -- and was told that his baseball coach was his dad as they dramatically drove away from his hometown in a flashback scene. All of this explains the chip on Mikes shoulder, and maybe his hyper-masculinity as well.Mike is constantly telling people how much of a man he is, and tries to present this macho persona. However, we, as viewers, know he is a kind-hearted guy who is still in love with his ex-wife Rachel (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), but the Mike Lawson shown to the Padres clubhouse is the dude who stands up (totally naked) from an ice bath to greet his new competition with his (implied) penis exposed. Even with shrinkage, hes well ... impressive. Thats what were supposed to believe, anyway.It was nice to get this peek into Mikes past, and hopefully that leads into Ginnys teammate and friend Blips (Mo McRae) background, and his wife Evelyns (Meagan Holder) history.But, back to business, lets talk about Ginnys naked selfies. In episode 3, we were introduced to Trevor (Shamier Anderson), an old flame of hers. Apparently over the course of their relationship, some suggestive photos were exchanged, and when Trevors computer got hacked, we knew problems were on the horizon.For the last handful of episodes, however, there have been no key developments on this topic -- and thats kind of been the theme of Pitch this season: delayed gratification. We are given nuggets of information (like who are Ginnys former friends, ex-boyfriend, brother and etc.), yet those threads havent been explored in subsequent installments.Ironically, this has only been true for Ginnys character.?Mike has developed a storyline around his relationship with women and how he defines manhood, and each episode builds on that complexity. Similarly, team GM Oscars (Mark Consuelos) Latino identity has been explored.Thursdays episode finally built on one of those threads to give us a conclusion, and in doing so, hit some awesome feminist notes -- including a little bit of commentary on paternalism and female sexuality.When people found out about the photos, their first instinct was to critique Ginny. Why would she do that? Why would she put herself in this situation? Isnt she smarter than that?First of all, Ginny is only 23, and these photos might have been taken up to six years ago (the timing is unclear), which would make her potentially underage in them. Secondly, Ginny and her agent Amelia (Ali Larter) shut all of that down faster than you could say naked. The reality is that it shouldnt matter what she does with her body; the fact that these photos are coming out reflect more about the hackers invading her privacy and breaking the law, than they do about Ginny herself.The feminism, however, wasnt even the best part. That came when her male teammates stood up for her by baring it all for ESPN Magazines annual Body Issue. (They said that, not us!) The guys who previously viewed her as an outsider, made her life harder, didnt want to hang out with her and thought she was a distraction showed up for Ginny because she is their teammate. And they did so without grumbling. They didnt have to do this, but they did it for her. That matters, and is such a powerful statement.Unity in nudity? Perhaps. It seems to have worked for Ginny and her teammates.Kyrie 4 Confetti For Sale . -- Charline Labonte couldnt have asked for a better homecoming. Kyrie 2 For Sale .com) - Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Roger Federer were easy first-round winners Tuesday at the Australian Open. . The 28-year-old from Calgary matched his career best after missing just one shot in his two rounds of shooting in the mens 10-kilometre sprint competition. Smith finished in 23 minutes 15. Kyrie 2 Shoes Black . Inter president Erick Thohir says in a club statement on Wednesday that Vidic is "one of the worlds best defenders and his qualities, international pedigree, and charisma will be an asset. Kyrie Irving Shoes Cheap .875,000, avoiding arbitration. Clippards deal Monday means all eight Nationals players who filed for arbitration wound up settling before a hearing.NEW YORK -- The United States will open its World Baseball Classic schedule against Colombia on March 10, play the defending champion Dominican Republic the following day and close Group C of the first round against Canada on March 12.Major League Baseball and the players association announced the schedule Tuesday. The Americans first-round games will be in Miami.Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles had been announced in August as site of the March 22 final of the 16-nation tournament.Israel, the Netherlands, South Korea and Taiwan will play GGroup A games in Seoul from March 6-10, and Australia, China, Cuba and Japan will play Group B in Tokyo from March 7-11.ddddddddddddItaly, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Venezuela will play Group D in Guadalajara from March 9-12. The top two nations in each group advance to the second round, to be played in Tokyo from March 12-15 and San Diego from March 14-19. Dodger Stadium will host semifinals on March 20 and 21. ' ' '

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