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Join us on Tuesday for a round-up of all the action from a busy weekend on Sky Sports and we are with the Royal Norwich Golf Club who are making some key changes. We will also have action from the Six Nations title decider between France and England, with France who emerging victorious, denying England their first Grand Slam since 2012.Theres the latest from the ICC Womens World Twenty20 as England prepare for their clash with the hosts India on Tuesday morning (live on Sky Sports 2). We will have all Netball Superleague action from Monday nights live clash between Celtic Dragons and Loughborough Lightning (Sky Sports 1). And we hear from Sky Sports Tamsin Greenway on her appointment as England U21 coach after Dan Ryan was forced to step aside due to visa issues.Elsewhere, the Royal Norwich Golf Club has appointed women to all its key positions for the first time in its 123-year history. We will meet them and find out what England Golf are doing to combat the decline in womens participation.With the 2016 Womens Super League season set to kick off on Wednesday, we hear from Steph Houghton, Laura Bassett and Jordan Nobbs. Plus Arsenal captain Alex Scott visits an Arsenal Foundation project in Iraq.And as Victoria Pendleton silences her critics by finishing fifth on Pacha Du Polder in the Foxhunter Chase, won by Nina Carberry, we hear from the few female jockeys at Cheltenham.Sportswomen is live on Sky Sports News HQ every Tuesday at 11:30am and on Sky Living every Sunday at 11:30am. Cheap Senators Jerseys . The phone hearing is scheduled for 4:30pm et/1:30pm pt. Winchester, who was not penalized for the hit, appeared to make contact with Kellys head early in the first period of Thursdays game in Boston. Cheap Adidas Senators Jerseys .Y. -- Sabres defenceman Tyler Myers had no intention of changing his hard-hitting style before taking part in a disciplinary hearing for his illegal check to New Jersey forward Dainius Zubrus head. . The move comes after the Canadiens were approached by the Buffalo Sabres for permission to speak to Dudley - a former Sabres player and head coach. "The Sabres called for permission and I appreciate that, Im flattered, Dudley told TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun of ESPN. Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys . Its the second straight game Bell has scored in extra time for Kelowna, which beat the Brandon Wheat Kings 6-5 on Friday, and he now has four game-winning goals on the season. Wholesale Senators Jerseys . The 15th-ranked Canadian men lost the opening two games of their European tour: 19-15 to No. 17 Georgia and 21-20 to No. In the early 2000s, the rules of the fantasy league between Green Bay Packers?front-office executives and scouts were straightforward: No money was involved. Coaches were not allowed to play, and you could not draft any Packers.Still, despite the seemingly harmless nature of the league, a team executive was a little bit concerned and thought he should call the NFL office. I knew [the NFL] had this mantra of gambling affects the integrity of the game, recalled Andrew Brandt, then a vice president for the Packers. Back then, I didnt know if fantasy was gambling. I didnt know how they would view it.The response I got was either We didnt have this conversation or Just do it and dont tell anyone that youre doing it.A decade later, Brandt, now a columnist for on Sports Illustrated, has a better understanding of the NFLs stance on fantasy sports and gambling. But, as discussions heat up about expanding legal sports betting in the U.S., he believes the league needs to be more proactive on the issue. Brandt, ESPN NFL Business Analyst, visited with Chalk about the leagues stance on sports betting as part of our series on the future of sports betting in the U.S.Q: How well do you think the NFLs gambling policy was understood back then, and how well is it understood now?A: People understand the general concept that gambling flies in the face of integrity in [the] sense that it has associations with fixing games. It has associations with casinos. It has an association with a negative element that goes against this mantra of competitive balance and integrity. But drilling down, I think its not that deep of [an] understanding, because there are some contradictions, and there are some questions as to how things apply.Q: How would you characterize the divide among NFL owners when it comes to the leagues opposition to expanding legal sports betting?A: I think the stance generally is more evolved. I say that because we havent had owners standing up on the table beating the drum against the possible relocation (of the Oakland Raiders) to Las Vegas. But even before we get to Vegas, I think theres a more evolved view. I cant name names, because I dont know which is which, but I do think there is an old guard that continues to hold up their hands in a stop sign to anything associated with gambling. But theres a newer version of ownership thats much more flexible when it comes to that.Q: What is the biggest concern from those who oppose sports betting?A: I think theres always the concern of competitive balance. It drives everything the league does. In my expertise, it drives the reason for restrictions on free agency. It drives the reason for a salary cap. It drives the reason for a draft in inverse order. And you can apply it to gambling. There is a concern that, if we allow [gambling] in, players, coaches, referees, executives will be subject to potential influence that could influence the outcome of these games. Every time Roger Goodell speaks about fantasy, the clear distinction is outcome of games versus outcomes of player performance. Thats the fear: that [gambling] could affect the competitive balance of the league. It could affect outcomes of games.Q: Why doess the NFL believe the current environment, where the majority of bets are placed in an illegal, unregulated market, better protects the integrity of the game than a legal market overseen by licensed officials?A: Its a fair question.dddddddddddd I think its the fear of the unknown. Its stepping into new territory, and again, I think the NFL isnt the most progressive sports league and not the one that you would see jumping into previously taboo areas. You have (NBA commissioner) Adam Silver writing an op-ed in the New York Times about exactly what you said in terms of bringing gambling out in the light. You have the NHL all-in, moving a team to Las Vegas. So before the NFL dips [its] toes in the water, I think they want to see it happen in other leagues. They dont move as nimbly as others.Q: Youve written about the need for the league to be proactive on sports gambling and possibly hiring a new executive position, a gambling czar. What would that positions responsibilities be, in your opinion?A: I do think that its a position that makes sense. It sort of follows the path of concussions and brain health. Because whats happened over the years is a positive trajectory toward concussions, a better understanding, better science, better rules, better governance and the hiring of a chief medical officer. I think that is a good path for the gambling issue. As they understand fantasy, as they understand the issues with Las Vegas, as they look into consequences for gambling, why not have the same strategy in hiring a chief gambling officer, what Ive called a gambling czar? So in this area that is incredibly changing and moving quickly, lot of legislation, lot of issues, lot of litigation and a potentially lucrative revenue source, which will get their attention as much as anything, why not hire this person?This person would have two primary responsibilities. One is regulation and enforcement, which is upholding the integrity of the game. First of all youd create the rules that prohibit players, coaches, referees, team personnel from placing bets in any way on any aspect of the game. The czar would be the clearinghouse that Ive talked about in terms of Can we do this? Why cant we do this? What are the limitations to play fantasy football? What are our limitations on aligning with a casino, whether sponsorship, advertising or marketing, etc.?Then I think there would also be the investigatory process that we hear so much about, with Roger Goodell and player conduct. There would be the same kind of policy, discipline, procedure and regulations in this area. Now, would Goodell want overarching authority? Thats another issue. But this czar would be the one deciding, notifying, investigating all these issues within this area.Q: The czar would have been the person you would have called regarding the Packers fantasy league? A: Absolutely. It would have been this person, and the answer would have been clear, concise. A general lawyer, who was the person that I called, is working on 50 different things, and gambling was probably not even on his radar. ' ' '

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