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Marlboro Hard Cigerate[ Antworten

The overall color is black, surrounded by golden lines. The waist is divided into two parts with a thin golden thread, the upper part is printed with gold, and a small golden hill is printed on the upper right corner of the words. The cigarette pack is also printed in gold with Quanpin, and a line of "hard box filter cigarettes" is printed under Quanpin Marlboro Cigarettes. The second half is nothing special, just a warning slogan. I took a closer look and noticed that the background of the original upper half of the cigarette case was specially processed Marlboro Lights, not just black, but an orderly and regular grid pattern, which looked very elegant. The back of the cigarette case is also divided into two parts by a thin golden line. The upper part is printed with a golden circle on top of the word "Quan". Different angles will produce different visual effects. It looks very magnificent. There is a hidden flower, and there is one kind in the center of the flower Above this, there is a small golden crown and a small English meaning of filter cigarette. On the right side of the cigarette case is the manufacturer and barcode. There is a bronzing flower on the cigarette case, which is very artistic. Opening the cigarette case, the cigarette is wrapped in golden tin foil. The color of the cigarette holder is relatively ordinary, without any bright spots. There are two golden rings and the words Lanzhou on the top of the cigarette holder. It is a relatively classic decoration. Although it lacks novelty, Not clichéd. However, there is a very interesting part of the cigarette holder. The filter is hollowed out. Although it is a small one, the design still looks very compelling. After taking it apart, it was found that the shredded tobacco was relatively fine, short and shredded, with only a small portion of slender shredded tobacco. It smells slightly sweet. The cigarette holder is designed in two sections, the upper part is a normal filter, and the lower part is hollow. I guess this hollow design is to increase the strength of the cigarette, which is considered to be the stubbornness of a small cigarette. Try it when you taste it for a while.
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