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 e fights. Because youve got other guys working for a title shot, and if the second fight between the top two is good, then youre - Eine neue Antwort erstellen Ihre Schreibrechte

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 e fights. Because youve got other guys working for a title shot, and if the second fight between the top two is good, then youre

Ahead of this weekends Belgian Grand Prix, ESPN ranks the best corners in modern F1 and where Spas famous Eau Rouge ranks among them.5. Senna S, Interlagos, BrazilAn iconic corner with an iconic name. One quirk of this circuit is that drivers cannot see the exit when they line up on the grid, which runs up towards Turn 1 before falling away to the left. After the start, the corner becomes a challenge for another reason, a heavy braking zone following the long run from the final corner and through the pit straight.The tricky, slow corner has been the scene of many famous overtakes - Juan Pablo Montoyas ballsy pass on Michael Schumacher in just his third F1 race and Jenson Buttons title-clinching heroics in 2009 among those which immediately spring to mind.4. Piscine, Monte Carlo, MonacoMonaco is often cited as the most challenging F1 circuit on the calendar, and Piscine stands out as as the most difficult. At the end of the iconic middle sector featuring the hairpin and the famous tunnel, drivers arrive at the Swimming Pool section after sweeping through the Tabac left-hander. They then navigate the quick chicane, flashing left and right over the kerbs with terrifying speed. As with most corners at Monaco, Piscine punishes even the smallest error in a big way.3. Parabolica, Monza, ItalyPerhaps the most iconic corner of F1s most iconic circuit. Despite the recent -- and hugely unpopular -- addition of tarmac on the run-off area, this remains a daunting challenge for drivers. The hairpin requires drivers to run as wide as possible, in an attempt to maximise exit speed onto the long, main pit-straight. That of course invites mistakes, with drivers risking a lot of lost time if they fall foul of the curve. The tarmac neutralises the challenge somewhat, minimising the cost of running too wide, but this corner still catches drivers out every year.?2. Maggotts-Beckets-Chapel, Silverstone, Great BritainThis is absolutely what a set of F1 corners should look like. This sequence inspired the design of the first sector of the Circuit of the Americas and its not hard to see why. After flying through Copse, drivers approaching this section at frightening pace, delicately weaving left, right and then left again before exiting at speed down towards Hangar Straight.?Confident drivers excel here, but equally an unresponsive car can be punish a driver lap after lap at this part of the circuit. Its also provided two breathtaking passes in recent years: Lewis Hamiltons GP2 pass on the inside of two cars in 2006 and Max Verstappens on Nico Rosberg at this years British Grand Prix.1. Eau Rouge-Raidillon, Spa-Francorchamps, BelgiumPut simply, this is still the best corner in F1. This left-right-left uphill sequence is the signature of Spa-Francorchamps and has been testing the bravery and skill of F1 drivers for decades. It creates a 1.7G compression for drivers in a modern F1 car, throwing them out at the top of the hill -- Raidillon -- at breathtaking speeds.?It is majestic and has rightly earned a reputation as the toughest corner in the sport. Like most corners in modern F1, this one has been neutered slightly in recent years by the relentless push for safety, but has lost none of its aura and deserves its position as the undisputed number one on this list.Evan Engram Youth Jersey . Jordan Lynch, the all-purpose Heisman Trophy finalist from Northern Illinois, failed to make it into that exclusive club. Mark Bavaro Giants Jersey . Anthony Calvillo, through 20 CFL seasons, was frequently invincible and largely stoic in the heat of competition. But underneath the professional exterior he was, and is, compellingly human. .com) - Manchester City midfielder David Silva is expected to miss the next four weeks because of a calf problem. Michael Strahan Womens Jersey .C. Lions has come to an end. Banks told TSN on Jan 2 that he had no interest in playing out the option year of his contract with the Lions in 2014, and he again made that clear in a conversation with Lions GM Wally Buono last week. Saquon Barkley Womens Jersey . Kiriasis and brakeman Franziska Fritz finished two runs in one minute 55.41 seconds -- a mere 0.01 seconds ahead of Meyers and Lolo Jones, who likely bolstered her Olympic hopes by helping give USA-1 a huge push in the second heat.Each week, Brett Okamoto provides his take on the hottest topics in the world of mixed martial arts. Hes joined this week by UFC middleweight Derek Brunson. Brunson (18-3) will face Robert Whittaker on Nov. 26 at UFC Fight Night in Melbourne, Australia.1. Interim UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has requested a release from the UFC, citing a lack of respect from the promotion. Should the UFC grant his release?Brunson: You know what? Jose Aldo is probably one of my favorite fighters of all time, but I do not side with him on this one. If he was complaining about wanting more money, thats different. But youve got a guy who held the belt and lost it -- Im not really big on instant rematches. I think you should win a couple fights. It always depends on how your division looks but ... I think its worse for guys like Frankie Edgar. Edgar went on a roll and steamed like five or six guys in a row. He had a title shot, but Conor [McGregor] wanted to go up a weight class. Frankie was like, OK, Im not sitting around for a year. He fought Aldo and loses a close decision. That wasnt fair to him. If anybody should be complaining, its Frankie. Guys want to fight Jose. Sometimes you just have to handle your business. It seems like he just wants that belt back, and I think if he were to beat Max Holloway, boom, hed get his title shot.Okamoto: Hard question to answer in a short space, but theres two sides to this, really. I can easily understand why Aldo feels the UFC has disrespected him in the past. When he pulled out of a fight against McGregor last year at UFC 189, the promotion sort of hung him out to dry, basically accusing him of exaggerating the injury. Dana White has criticized him for not finishing more of his one-sided fights. He says the UFC lied to him about a McGregor rematch, which I wouldnt find shocking if proven true. At the same time, as Derek points out, the timing of his demand seems very, very much linked to McGregor. And if Aldo is mad that he doesnt have the same leverage as McGregor, he partially has himself to blame. Im not saying he needs to be something hes not and trash-talk the way McGregor does, but theres a reason McGregor is able to push boundaries Aldo never did.2. UFCs Alex Oliveira scored a controversial win over lightweight Will Brooks last weekend, after coming in 5.5 pounds overweight. What should the penalty be for missing weight that badly?Brunson: I think 20 percent of a guys purse going to his opponent is good for maybe, like, 2 pounds. As you start going up more, it should start raising the percentage. Something like 30 percent for 3 pounds, 50 percent for 4. Five pounds? Thats a lot. You know what weight youre contracted at. If you miss by that much, 5 pounds might be too much to even let them fight. If I had been Will Brooks, I wouldnt have fought. Thats just ridiculous and unprofessional. Thats almost a different weight class. Look at the fight. The guy was pressing him against the cage. That guy was strong and that much stronger with those 5 pounds.Okamoto: I think Derek just laid out a pretty perfect plan. Because as it is, theres really not THAT much of a deterrent to continue to cut if you have a pretty good idea you wont make it. In other words, if I know Im missing weight and the penalty is the same whether its 2 pounds or 5, Im probably leaning 5, right? So creating tiers of how much is forfeited based on how much youre over is a good idea. And anything above 5? Call the fight. As a promotion or commission, take that decision out of the fighters hands who did make weight. Because theyll always elect to fight. Its too hard to turn it down. Take away that pressure and make the decision for them. And pay them too, which the UFC is pretty good about.3. Match-make the UFCs bantamweight division and -- looking even further down the line -- predict who will hold the title at the end of 22017.ddddddddddddBrunson: Thats a crazy division. That belt is going to switch hands a lot. I would make Dominick Cruz vs. Cody Garbrandt. Then Id make John Lineker vs. Bryan Caraway. I think both those guys are deserving of a big matchup. The winner of Caraway-Lineker gets a title shot. Youve got [T.J.] Dillashaw kind of sitting out there, its tough. Like I said, I dont like instant rematches. If you had the belt and lose it, I think you need to win a couple fights. Because youve got other guys working for a title shot, and if the second fight between the top two is good, then youre going to feel like you need to do a third. As far as whos holding it at the end of next year, Ive got to go with Cody Garbrandt.Okamoto: I know the people want Cruz vs. Garbrandt. Thats what the masses are calling for. But to me, you have to give Dillashaw this fight. Im still not convinced Dillashaw lost to Cruz when they met in the beginning of the year. Ive watched that fight multiple times -- and its one of the most even fights Ive ever seen in the Octagon. To deny Dillashaw a rematch after a fight that close -- AND after he went on to take a tough matchup against Raphael Assuncao at UFC 200 -- I just dont see how you do that. Once upon a time, Garbrandt was supposed to fight Lineker. I think that is an absolute money fight. Put that on the same card as Cruz vs. Dillashaw II. And champion at the end of 2017? Wow, thats tough. Cruz.4. Whos had a better career: Michael Bisping or Dan Henderson?Brunson: Bispings been steady for all these years, but Henderson has been around and been able to stay and compete at a high level against younger generations who looked up and idolized him. I guess Id have to go with Henderson. He won belts in Pride and Strikeforce. Now hes going for the UFC belt. Yeah, Id have to go with Dan Henderson.Okamoto: This question sure got a lot harder to answer in 2016. I mean, you still have to give a small edge to Henderson -- but Bisping has more years left and well see what the answer is after those. Hendo is pioneer status. Hes fought the greatest fighters of two generations. The middleweight Pride champion during his prime years. The Strikeforce era in which he beat Fedor Emelianenko. Fight of the Year candidate against Mauricio Shogun Rua in 2011. The man has fought the best of the best for nearly 20 years. I dont think it takes away anything from Bisping, who will go down as a legend in his own right, to say Hendo has him slightly beat at this point in their respective careers.5. Following UFC 204, who is next in line for a shot at the middleweight championship?Brunson: Derek Brunson, of course [laughs]. The middleweight division needs new blood. Youve got [Ronaldo Jacare Souza], hes everyones front-runner for a title shot. Hes fighting Luke Rockhold. Realistically, the next title shot will probably come out of that fight, but Jacare is only on a one-fight win streak. Yoel Romero beat Jacare, but then Romero popped for [performance-enhancing drugs]. So its kind of like Jacare is only on a one-fight win streak and Romero popped for PEDs. Do you reward them for that? Romero is my only loss, and I was winning that fight until the end.Okamoto: I agree with Derek: It has to be the winner of that Nov. 19 showdown between Rockhold and Souza. The perception is Rockhold slipped on a banana peel when he lost to Bisping in June. Souza has certainly done everything one could ask for to get a title shot, and a win over Rockhold would thoroughly cement his status as a No. 1 contender. The winner of a Nov. 12 fight at UFC 205 between Chris Weidman and Romero is in play as well, but I still lean toward the Rockhold/Souza winner. All four will be trying to make a statement that month, thats for sure.s

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